Open Cloud System (OCS)

Production-ready OpenStack for Today’s Hybrid World

Its a multi-cloud world. At Cloudscaling, we get it. And that means forward-looking organizations who are building out their cloud computing footprint require an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution (IaaS) that is fully interoperable – not just compatible – with the leading public cloud services.

Our core product, Open Cloud System (OCS), delivers an enterprise-grade, ready to deploy OpenStack-powered private cloud solution that enables you to build Amazon-like capabilities behind your firewall. On the hardware of your choosing. In your data center. Under your control.

Cloudscaling OCS is the fastest path to achieving hybrid IT with OpenStack. Across industries, organizations deploy OCS to get the best of both worlds, while improving agility, operational efficiency and the speed of IT service delivery to the business.

A Closer Look at OCS – Open, Elastic Cloud Capabilities

With its cloud operating system, cloud operations console, cloud management layer, hybrid delivery services and certified hardware reference designs, OCS is a completely open, integrated and fully tested solution that is ready for immediate use in enterprises.

OCS Overview

Compute Model

OCS’s compute layer features an advanced scheduler that intelligently and efficiently places new VMs into your cloud infrastructure. This is in stark contrast to traditional approaches that often rely on ‘spray and pray’ schedulers that simply select the next available hypervisor to support a new virtual machine. This flawed approach can fill up the hypervisor with RAM without utilizing all the cores – or vice versa – which results in a significantly underutilized system and can increase the cost of VMs 2x.

OCS’s advanced scheduler also provides the added benefits of ensuring performance guarantees and allows you to segregate hardware designed for specific instance types. Its bin packing capabilities allow you to align virtual machines of differing types with different quality of service levels based on the hardware platforms you deploy.

Flexible Storage Options

OCS supports a wide range of block, object and fixed storage options. It also provides BPS plug-ins for Cinder that gives you a variety of options to connect to your existing enterprise storage vendors while providing AWS interoperability.

Scale-out Networking

Network integration in a private cloud deployment is a thorny challenge. OCS offers L3 networking to offer more flexible and automated delivery options for compute workloads. Flexible support for these networking options greatly improves service-provisioning timeframes while offering broader connectivity options over any hardware. It also supports the on-demand deployment of tens to thousands of VM instances. At the same time, it simplifies the ability to deploy secure virtual networks in OpenStack clouds.

Hybrid Delivery

OCS provides fully interoperable support for APIs to Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Platform and OpenStack to give you the greatest flexibility in developing and managing truly hybrid cloud solutions. The real beauty of this is a common platform for developers to write applications that work seamlessly whether they are running in public or private clouds.

Advanced HA Control Plane

Given the business criticality of your cloud computing infrastructure, uptime is among your top priorities. That’s why OCS features a powerful scale-up control plane that achieves “five nines” system availability. Simply put, we take resiliency to an entirely new level.

Cloud Operations

Your systems administrators and end users shouldn’t have to deal with complexity when it comes to managing your private clouds. Which is why OCS features an operator-focused management console with an elegant and easy to navigate console accessible through a full-service web portal. Running your private cloud as a highly dependable production platform just got a whole lot easier.

Your Hardware. Your Data Center.

OCS runs best on certified hardware from Quanta, Dell, HP and Super Micro. We can also certify other types of hardware in your data center through a services engagement.