Unleash the Power of Dynamic Apps

The revolution in cloud, social, mobile computing and emergence of big data is spawning an entirely new operating model for IT. A new generation of dynamic applications – with unique management, availability, performance and scalability requirements – is driving an urgent need for an elastic cloud infrastructure optimized to handle them. Think boundless apps that can operate seamlessly across environments without lock-in and physical constraints. Dynamic cloud-based applications are not only enabling new models of collaboration, increasing innovation and driving new revenue streams, but completely transforming the way we live and work.

Elastic Cloud Solutions Ecosystem

Elastic cloud infrastructure (ECI) – powered by OpenStack – provides the foundation for an agile, dynamic infrastructure that rapidly responds to changing business and developer needs. Cloudscaling’s ECI along with products from a broad spectrum of proven partners, give IT the capabilities it needs to support the development of modern, dynamic applications and services. By partnering with strategic hardware, software and systems integrators as well as leading public cloud services, Cloudscaling maximizes the value of your elastic cloud infrastructure investment.

Support millions of apps, billions of users


Your private elastic cloud can function as a stand-alone environment or be integrated with other solutions and services. Applications or workloads best suited for ECI include:

  • Hybrid cloud: Enable IT teams to develop a private elastic cloud infrastructure that is competitive with public cloud systems. Deploy and manage applications with consistent performance and behavioral fidelity across private and public infrastructure. Learn more about hybrid cloud.
  • Dev/test: Reduce costs and speed access to development and test resources. Save time with rapid versioning and cloud storage solutions to save multiple copies or iterations of work.
  • PaaS: Reduce time spent on IT configuration and get your applications to market faster with automated app configuration, deployment and management. Maintain privacy and control over your data.
  • Scale-out web apps: Social, Mobile, Gaming, Analytics: Transform your business with next-gen apps for your workforce, customers and partners. ECI simplifies web app development and deployment by giving you the ability to quickly spin up a turnkey cloud, burst instantly to meet demand, scale incrementally and more. Learn more about dynamic apps.
  • Big Data: Big data demands a highly automated, scale-out architecture that delivers capacity on the fly without increasing operational costs. Leverage Hadoop in an open cloud solution or in a hybrid-cloud setup with industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine.

“Cloudscaling accelerates our OpenStack strategy by bringing our customers an exceptional OpenStack system along with a proven VPC capability that natively supports dynamic apps.”

Ankur Singla, VP SDN and Cloud Strategy, Juniper Networks

“We use Cloudscaling’s OCS to demonstrate Stackato Private PaaS on OpenStack. It’s a great way for our customers to improve/modernize the dev process and solve the problems of scale and agility.”

Bart Copeland, CEO, ActiveState

Wherever your company is on its path to developing dynamic cloud-based apps, Cloudscaling and our partners can provide the solutions you need.