Cloud Path services help to design, deliver and support your Open Cloud System project.

Many customers considering cloud infrastructure deployments need help to match their expected workload requirements with the right amount of cloud capacity to assure proper service levels.

Additionally, there can often be application workloads that require special infrastructure performance optimizations. Finally, there are numerous considerations in bringing a cloud infrastructure project into alignment with budget and overall performance expectations, not to mention making sure that the actual deployment process is managed carefully to avoid mistakes and delays.

Cloudscaling’s Cloud Path services team can help to streamline and optimize your deployment of a production-grade elastic cloud system. Our team’s vast experience has produced and honed a straightforward and fast-track process to guide you from business objective alignment through deployment and operational readiness, all done on a schedule to meet your time-to-market objectives.


Assess: The Path to an Elastic Cloud


Design: Deployment Roadmap for Open Cloud System


Build: Leverage our Experience Deploying Production-Grade Infrastructure


Operate: Successfully Manage Elastic Cloud Infrastructure


Organizations are looking to cloud computing as a way to create new sources of revenue and reduce complexity in providing IT services. However, fully leveraging elastic cloud infrastructure can require a new way of delivering IT services. Organizations need to ask a new set of questions in preparation for deployment of an elastic cloud.

The Cloud Path team engages with a customer to evaluate both the technical objectives and the business drivers for a cloud deployment. At the conclusion of the Assess phase, Cloudscaling delivers an assessment briefing with specific guidance and requirements to put the customer on the path to a successful elastic cloud production environment.

Should the customer’s business objectives drive the need for configuration and cloud footprint requirements that go beyond a standard OCS deployment, the Design phase builds on the Assess results using a series of customer workshops, interviews, and site visits.

Cloudscaling’s experts assist in planning, from developing economic models for cloud services to defining a deployment plan and evaluating datacenter readiness. Analyzing this data, the Cloud Path team delivers a comprehensive deployment design for your elastic cloud.

The Cloud Path team includes experienced program managers, solutions architects, and engineers who have delivered large-scale cloud infrastructure to leading companies around the world.

Based on the deployment design produced in the Design phase, a dedicated project team works closely with customer teams to a build a production-ready cloud. Cloudscaling can provide services at all levels of the deployment, and the project team will work collaboratively with customer and third-party staff to optimize the division of labor.

Cloudscaling provides training programs to equip IT staff with the knowledge and skills to operate their elastic cloud deployment successfully.

Cloudscaling also provides multiple support channels for Open Cloud System, backed by industry-leading SLAs. For customers that need to focus internal staff in other areas, Cloudscaling offers managed services to operate cloud infrastructure on an ongoing basis.