Cloudscaling Closes Series A

Posted on by Randy Bias

When Adam and I started Cloudscaling, we had big ambitions.  At the time (mid-2009), we weren’t sure what the journey entailed, but as time has gone by the mission has become clearer and clearer.  Today marks yet another major milestone.  We have finished our financing process, landing one of the valley’s most respected and rigorous venture capital firms, Trinity Ventures.

I can’t reveal too much about our intentions other than to say here, as I have elsewhere, that we are doubling down on OpenStack.  We made that decision last year and the close of this financing marks our successful transition onto that track.

From a historical perspective, we’ve done what few other companies have accomplished.  Since April of 2010, we bootstrapped Cloudscaling, with absolutely zero investment of any kind, to a 25 person organization, built 3 compute clouds and 2 storage clouds, and assembled a world class team of cloud builders – true doers who understand how to build at scale.

I am very proud of this team and it’s track record.  I am grateful to every Cloudscaler who has hung in there and helped get us this far.

Now, we’re taking this business and team to the next level.  It’s exciting to have a well-respected firm like Trinity Ventures who believes in us.  Together, we have a plan to push the disruption that is cloud computing.  More importantly, we’ve got a track record of success that we’ll parlay into future wins.

–Randy Bias
CTO & Co-Founder

PS.  Have I mentioned we’re hiring? ;)

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