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An OpenStack Dream Team: EMC + Cloudscaling

Posted on by Randy Bias

If you’re following the buzz surrounding the EMC acquisition of Cloudscaling, you might wonder:Is this a mismatch, or am I missing something?Yes. You’re missing something. Let me explain.First, you’ll want to take a closer look at the announcements by EMC … Continue reading

Public Cloud Economies of (Web-)Scale Aren’t About Buying Power

Posted on by Randy Bias

As you no doubt heard this week, Rackspace has announced the intention to focus on managed cloud.  Inevitably this brought observations from many about RAX, and others, ability to compete effectively against the web scale public cloud giants: Amazon, Microsoft, … Continue reading

Cloud Just Got Real – The Race Begins

Posted on by Randy Bias

This week, Google hosted its Cloud Platform Live event. Some people were a little surprised at my enthusiastic live twitter coverage for a number of Google’s announcements. I have been waiting for them to “go big or go home” for … Continue reading

Pets vs. Cattle: The Elastic Cloud Story

Posted on by Randy Bias

Last night I presented at the Chicago DevOps Meetup along with @mattokeefe and @mfdii.  The presentation went very well and was warmly received.  It’s a bit of a revisit of some topics I have covered before, such as Pets vs. … Continue reading

Google is Amazon’s Only Real Competition

Posted on by Randy Bias

Recently, Barb Darrow wrote a note to Google Compute Platform, suggesting “8 Things it Could do to Freak Amazon out.” As long term readers know, I called out Google’s entry into the public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) a while ago. My extensive experience at … Continue reading

Cloudscaling Webinar Series: 4 new installments

Posted on by Teri Elniski

In the modern world of IT the need for scalability and agility is undeniable. Cloud computing with OpenStack is a powerful way of providing and consuming IaaS to achieve scale and agility, but its very nature as an open source … Continue reading

2013 Was YEAR ONE for OpenStack

Posted on by Randy Bias

It’s useful for all in the OpenStack community to remember that many believe OpenStack was not ready for prime time until Essex or possibly Folsom. Some might even claim Grizzly was the first true production release. My money is on … Continue reading

Evolving the Cloud in 2014

Posted on by Teri Elniski

At Cloudscaling, we believe the future of IT platforms rests in the cloud. Predictions are always a gamble, but the following synthesis of insights from our interactions with customers, partners, analysts and our own prescient point of view, point the … Continue reading

Neutron in Production: Work in Progress or Ready for Prime Time?

Posted on by Randy Bias

(UPDATED: Video embedded below) Earlier this week, we hosted an OpenStack Meetup at the offices of our customer, EVault, here in San Francisco. Titled “Neutron Networking and SDN in Production,” the Meetup featured panelists from major contributors to Neutron and … Continue reading

re:Invent Recap: AWS Widens its Lead in Public Cloud

Posted on by Cloudscaling Staff

The second AWS re:Invent user conference is wrapping up today in Las Vegas with a sold out attendance of 8,000 people. Major new features and announcements included:AWS CloudTrail logs API calls by account users and stores them in S3 to … Continue reading