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OpenStack’s Future Depends on Embracing Amazon. Now.

Posted on by Randy Bias

An Open Letter to the OpenStack Community:Our Future Depends on Embracing Amazon <UPDATE: Please see the follow up response to this letter .>Dear Stackers, For three years, elements of the OpenStack community have arbitrarily and unfairly positioned OpenStack against incumbents, especially Amazon … Continue reading

OpenStack at 3: This is What Winning Looks Like

Posted on by Randy Bias

If winning derives from rapid iteration of a minimum viable product, then all indications are that the momentum driving OpenStack will only continue.Consider three facts that demonstrate the rapid iterations driving OpenStack skyward:1. Technology is Keeping Up With HypeThere’s no … Continue reading

Why Customers Want Elastic Clouds With Agile Networking

Posted on by Azmir Mohamed

In April of this year, Cloudscaling announced a partnership with Juniper Networks to integrate Juniper’s Junos V Contrail virtual network control (VNC) technology into Cloudscaling’s Open Cloud System (OCS). Juniper and Cloudscaling chose each other because: Both understand the scale … Continue reading

Missing the Point on Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud APIs

Posted on by Randy Bias

At the recent Structure event in San Francisco, I watched Werner Vogels’ presentation, along with about 500 others in a packed auditorium. Werner is the CTO of Amazon Web Services and one of the industry’s more prophetic voices. (I was honored … Continue reading

Cloud 2020 Summit: Perturbing the Punditocracy

Posted on by Randy Bias

 Two independent analysts who have contributed an unvarnished voice of pragmatism to the cloud conversation are Ben Kepes of Diversity Limited and Krishnan Subramanian of Rishidot. They’ve made a name for themselves in providing points of view that everyone might … Continue reading

The most advanced OpenStack-powered cloud infrastructure software just got better

Posted on by Azmir Mohamed

Today, Cloudscaling announced Open Cloud System 2.5, our next major OCS release scheduled for availability this summer. New feature highlights in OCS 2.5 include:OCS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)OCS Block Storage snapshots plus production-ready enhancementsOpenStack Grizzly support, andNew certified hardware options … Continue reading

Making Plans for OpenStack Summit

Posted on by Teri Elniski

We’re three weeks away from the biggest gathering of OpenStack community members yet. Nearly 2,200 developers, users, investors, media and analysts will descend on the Oregon Convention Center for the OpenStack Summit April 15-18.Cloudscaling will be there in force, with … Continue reading

OpenStack DIY, Distributions and Systems

Posted on by Azmir Mohamed

As you know, OpenStack is open source software for building private and public clouds.  When Cloudscaling took Series A funding and pivoted to a pure product company in late 2011, it was a strategic move to use OpenStack as the … Continue reading

Simplicity Scales: The Cloudscaling Engineering Blog

Posted on by Randy Bias

Historically, we’ve kept quiet about the details of our approach to building software and architecting elastic cloud infrastructure, but that changes now. Our new blog‘s mission is to engage the OpenStack development community and non-OpenStack cloud architects everywhere in a … Continue reading

VMware vs. Amazon … ROUND TWO … FIGHT! — VMW Conceding Impotence?

Posted on by Randy Bias

Two and a half years ago I wrote about the inevitable throwdown between VMware and Amazon Web Services (AWS), but recently VMware’s senior leadership appeared to outright admit defeat.  The message to VMware’s partners was simple:“We want to own corporate … Continue reading